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About Us

Winning Minds is an online resource that pools together information on mental health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on sportspeople.

It specifically aims to provide athletes of all levels and disciplines with the tools to understand their own mental health - something that is often ignored in favour of focussing on the physical. Increasingly, well known sportspeople are coming out with their experiences of mental ill-health, and governing bodies within sports are starting to mobilise to provide the resources that athletes need. However, until those platforms are improved, universalised, and made easily accessible for all, Winning Minds aims to fill that gap.

Mental health conditions are common across the world, but sometimes we forget that the sportspeople who perform amazing feats are not exempt from those statistics. It is time that we took our mental health as seriously as we take our physical health.

Winning Minds was founded by former figure skater, and now mental health advocate, Anastasia Vinnikova.

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