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Bipolar Disorder

You may have heard of the old term 'manic depression' - this is what we now refer to as bipolar disorder.

Bipolar is characterised by a swing between depression (feeling very low) and mania (feeling very high).

Symptoms of depression can be seen on our depression page, and symptoms of mania can include;

  • Feeling very ambitious

  • Feeling very happy

  • Spending recklessly on things you do not need/want ordinarily, and cannot afford

  • Feeling like you don't need to eat or sleep

  • Irritability

  • Speaking quickly

There are also two types of bipolar; I and II. Diagnosis of which type you have will depend on the frequency and duration of your mania and depression.

Do you think you have, or know someone who has bipolar? Click the buttons below for further information around support.

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