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Success and Failure

Many of us aim for the top spot in sport, but the reality is that only a small minority will make it there. Whilst that can be disappointing, it is also a natural part of any competitive process and we should acknowledge the difficult feelings that come with this.

Coping with 'failure';

  • Recognise your achievements outside of winning competitions - along the way you will have achieved wonderful things which deserve to be celebrated

  • Learn from your 'failures' and mistakes - they are an important development tool

  • Take comfort in knowing that all athletes will experience 'failure' at some stage - even the most celebrated, and decorated sportspeople of all time like Serena Williams and Muhammad Ali have experienced set backs

  • Allow yourself to be upset about perceived 'failures' but don't beat yourself up about them

  • Know when your feelings are becoming overwhelming, and recognise that you may need some support

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